Looking back on the five years since I started this blog, so much has changed. I am a different person than I was then, and at a different place in my life, yet much of my core mission and interests remain the same.

I still thirst for truth and justice, for wisdom and understanding.

I still crave that meeting of minds, that intellectual debate that draws us in to a greater conversation about why we are here and how we should live.

I consider myself less ideologically committed than I used to be, and I thank God for that. Over the past fifteen years or so of having ideas and opinions about things, I have lived long enough to witness the political pendulum swing back and forth. I am less concerned today with tracking the little stories and crises of the moment and more interested in taking a broader view. Let’s not get bogged down in tax rates and political contests when we can engage with Plato and Aristotle, Augustine and Aquinas, Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky!

Sometimes I write about religion, sometimes society and politics, with the occasional attempt at poetry thrown in for good measure. Much of my writing is inspired by conversations I have with friends, which never seem to get as nasty as internet back and forth’s, where even a bleeding-heart liberal and a conservative diehard can find common ground and keep things pleasant. This is the reason for the name of the site; front porch philosophy finds friends seizing unexpected moments to move beyond small talk and briefly touch upon the truth of things, glimpsed perhaps over a drink as the dogs bark and the sun sets in the horizon.

If you have stumbled upon this site – whether friend, acquaintance, or complete internet stranger, I thank you for considering what I have to say, and hope you will join in the conversation as we attempt to draw ever closer to truth, goodness, and beauty.

Thank you,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Lauren, You can add the Pennell family to the list of people praying and waiting for Little Sam’s recovery. May God bless you and your family. Thank your mom for posting your blog on Facebook. Now I can follow you! With love and prayers, Lara (Marciano) Pennell

  2. Hi Lauren,

    This is your Aunt Gen’s friend from way back. I’ve followed your growing up through your aunt and I can tell you she is very proud of you. She sent me your blog today because she has always known of my Christian convictions even though she witnessed many strays from them. I’m elated to read your convicting words and statements of truth on the internet. May God continue to bless you and your family as you use the gift he has clearly given you to share from your soul the truth of His love.

    Aunt Francine

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