The Ballad of Thomas Smith

Can you feel the memory of this place? Or does the weight of time erase Blood from the root, leaving only fear? Do you know what happened here? In 1893 they hung me from a hickory tree; Still hungry, they tore its branches free And cut my clothes for souvenirs Like something great had happened … Continue reading The Ballad of Thomas Smith


Ammonites and trilobites embedded in this rocky frame tell the story of a journey from obscurity to fame. As we step this mortal pathway, knowing not which way to go, birds still spiral up to heaven, with the valley spread below. Once a million creatures swimming, then upon an ocean floor, trilobites and ammonites advance … Continue reading Trilobites

An Eager Hostess, Awaiting Spring

In Virginia, spring can feel like a fickle friend, whose arrival is always being delayed for reasons you suspect are not as urgent or inexorable as her letters make them seem. You forgive the aggravation, thinking ahead, surely, to the good times close at hand; in your mind, she approaches — finally! in a whirl … Continue reading An Eager Hostess, Awaiting Spring