The Poet at Sunrise

The poet emerges at sunrise: alone, as always, and without plan; when else can he perceive the way the lark’s sudden departure sends a crown of halos rippling toward the bank? His words cast common objects in an unfamiliar light, finding sacredness in the profane and humor even in darkness. “Yes,” we say, “it is just … Continue reading The Poet at Sunrise

The Case against Capitalism (and Socialism)

When teaching my tenth-grade world history students about capitalism, socialism, and communism, I start by giving them a ten-question survey of their views. This includes questions like: Free trade between countries is: a. Good, because it leads to lower prices for consumers, b. Bad, because it leads to lower wages/ less jobs for workers in … Continue reading The Case against Capitalism (and Socialism)

What Our Objections to God Say about Us

Most objections to Christianity, or to religion more broadly, are hardly unique. So, encountering this fairly typical description of six “paths to atheism” seems as good an opportunity as any to address them. I’ve come to realize that our objections to God’s existence tell us more about ourselves than about Him. Most can be boiled … Continue reading What Our Objections to God Say about Us